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- 4 Elements Collection -

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Inspired by the element.


Ellie Pure, involved in the perfume world of fragrances, has created a fragrance line in harmony with the aromas ruling the world. 4 Elements, corresponding to the four elements, was created to satisfy every temperament and deeply hidden desires.

The line offers aroma diffusers and sprays in 4 flavors.


  • Fire is a smoky and woody smell. It stimulates the senses, warming up the atmosphere.


  • The water is a fresh, sea scent. It rocks the senses, introducing a breath of harmony.


  • The air is a light, floral fragrance. It sharpens and nurtures the senses while being slightly unpredictable.


  • Earth is a floral, woody fragrance. It harmonizes the senses giving a feeling of freedom.



fresh, sea

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